Poser Pouch Or Boyish Backpack? A Guide To The Best Man Bags

Businessmen carry satchels, adventurers backpacks and artists tote bags. Or at least that's what we presume. Here's our guide to the best bags of each incarnation.
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Been to an exhibition lately and feel the need to flaunt your souvenir tote? Or are you the individual looking to get ahead of the game with ‘the pouch’? How about a backpack? Are you an approachable and boyish two strap wearer or the rugged one strap ‘jock’?


With so many types of bag out there, it's hard to know which tribe you belong to; messenger, backpack, designer tote or pouch? While messengers seem like a safe bet (you probably owned a Freitag or Eastpak at some point), it’s easy to go for the safest bet rather than best fit.

Below, we bring you the best from each bag tribe to help send you packing.

Ally Capellino Brown Richard Leather satchel, £450


From Mulberry’s Barnaby (still a personal favourite), to the Cambridge Satchel Company, there are many excellent quality leather satchels on the market, but the current undisputed king is Ally Capellino. The 2012 satchel is structured and boxy, so for me their Richard bag is the perfect example with great attention to detail, namely the contrast buckle fastening and grab handle. This is a must-have for people who appreciate good craftsmanship and classic styling as it will only get better with age.

Canvas Herschel Little America backpack, £135


As far as I’m concerned, anything in canvas is a winner. However, my pick for the ultimate canvas bag is this backpack from Herschel in special edition, selvage denim fabric.  Herschel’s 2012 range has hit the big time thanks to a back-to-basics approach and great design. The Little America Bad Hills bag is the grown-up backpack in a durable fabric, with tough tan leather strap detailing and even an inner pocket for your laptop. Available in a vast array of colours, it will go with anything, even your girlfriend. For a more wallet conscious effort, it’s also worth checking out the Topman and Urban Outfitter variations – although they’re not likely to last anywhere near as long.

Terence Conran tote bag, £6


Do you like museums, exhibitions, craft fairs or a good food market? If so, you’re probably already toting a tote from your trip to the Damien Hirst show at the Tate or perhaps that obscure homemade chutney stall somewhere near Stoke Newington? Totes are for the discerning gent whose love of highbrow culture is more than something he needs to shout about, but he’ll do it anyway just so you know. Wear it wrong and it’s a bad dose of granny chic at the seaside, but get it right and you’re Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Lanvin textured suede and leather pouch, £380


The pouch is the bag to be seen with this year, transcending the gender divide and bringing style to the masses in one easy rectangular zip format. The Lanvin pouch is the epitome of sophistication for anyone wanting to be taken seriously as it brings a professional air to your look, regardless of whether you actually are. It can also quite easily accommodate your iPad (or conveniently sized notepad) and paperwork. Tuck it under your arm, adopt a confident stance and you’re good to go.

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