Private White VC Flyweight Mac

The search for a new A/W jacket could be sewn up with the release of Private White VC SB4 Flyweight Mac this Friday.
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Thank Christ Autumn is nearly here. New season, new jackets. Lovely.

Made from long staple Egyptian cotton woven their native Manchester, this ace Private White VC mac comes in 'RAF Blue', 'Wasabi Green' or 'Beige' (they should have thought of a sexy name for Beige really).


Clean cut and dapper, the collar includes a button fastening to turn it up on windy days.

In case you were wondering, Private Jack White was an English gent and celebrated military hero. After leaving the services with a Victoria Cross in 1917, Private White became the founding father of the Manchester factory which still makes the garments to this day, stewarded by the watchful eye of his great-grandchildren.

Private White VC A/W 2013 Collection available online from Friday 6th September