Proper 15 - S/S 2014

Northern coat miserablists Proper are back. Their 15th issue is the best one ever. It's got trainers in...
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Sarcasm and outerwear journal Proper is back for its fifteenth installment. For S/S 14, Stockport's sixth best exports  have turned their attention to vintage football shirts, adidas training shoes and a hip-hop graphic novel. No, seriously it's good.

Anyone familiar with Proper's previous sterling output will know what to expect from this latest issue, but those of you that aren't should prepare for refreshingly down-to-earth paragraphs about Gore-Tex, gum soles and gravy. Mark and Neil, who you may know from doing jokes on the internet, have been putting the magazine together for some years now, and since it's not photocopied and stapled together any more, it's well worth seven quid of anyone's money.


Number 15 manages to balance the vibrant, colourful world of vintage football shirts against a chat with fellow Stockportians... Stockporters... Not Mancunians, CasualCo and some heart-wrenching anecdotes about going to nightclubs, when they were  really good in the olden days. There are some lovely drawing of adidas trainers by Peter O'Toole and an interview with some mean-looking men (who seem really lovely) who make jumpers in Manchester.

There are loads and loads of magazines about clothes out there, but Proper is the best because they don't pretend to like 90s stuff to seem ironic and edgy. They just like it loads still.

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