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Proper magazine is a men's clothing fanzine that also features mountaineering, music, books, retail and tea. We like their covers.
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Now that we've all got facebook pages and blogs and chat rooms I often wonder if the good old fashioned fanzine that many of us cut our teeth on as writers and publishers and graphic designers still exists. Thankfully every now and then someone thrusts one into my hand or one appears in a distinctively familiar tea coloured envelope on my doormat or I just come across one in a record or clothes shop.

The last two fanzines I spent any time reading through were about Mini Mokes  in 'Moking' - and clothes and humour in Proper Magazine. The thing that struck me about Proper was that it had all the look and feel of a fanzine but was also packed with genuine knowledge about and enthusiasm for men's clothing. It's a point the editors, Neil and Mark, make "It's about clothes not fashion."

Proper magazine is a million miles from the fantasy upmarket world of chunky glossy titles where the first thirty pages are adverts and then all the companies who have advertised have clothes appear on every page.

Aside from just writing about what is on sale the Proper guys actually track down the designers of obscure European and Japanese labels and ask the simple questions that allow you to learn about the labels. They also profile the retailers across the UK that import specialist clothing, understanding that the shops themselves are often more fascinating than individual items. They make no pretentions to be anything but enthusiasts.

Despite having eye-catching covers, Proper's design and print quality left a lot to be desired so for issue ten we've helped them out with the publishing of the magazine. This has enabled them to triple the amount of advertisers and retailers, which in turn allowed them to double the editorial pagination and be printed to a much higher standard all for the same price of a fiver plus p&p.

If you like the look of the mag we suggest you pop off here and invest in Issue 10. If enough of you do that sharpish you'll have another one with you in spring.