R6 Bags and Accessories from 6876

Bright, tough bags and traditional belts from 6876 label's collaboration with the Regent Belt company.
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Forward thinking menswear label 6876 collaborate with Regent Belt Company for a truly unique clash of brands to create R6. Named after the year of the French student revolution and the year that punk kicked off in the UK, 6876 was started in 1995 by Kenneth MacKenzie. Since conception 6876 has continued to develop and grow and is now one of the UK's only truly independent menswear labels. Regent Belt company, a traditional leather working company has been around for over 40 years, making quality goods in the heart of the UK's  traditional leather working industry, Northampton. R6 brings these two brands together to fuse tradition, design and craftsmanship into a collection of bags, belts, wallets, card holders and lanyards.Each item is crafted in Northampton by traditional artisans using Italian and Bridal leather with quality trimmings such as pewter buckles, fused with the subtle design flair of 6876's Kenneth Mackenzie, making a truly unique and exciting product.All items will be available from selected stores and www.sixeightsevensix.com