Rains Macs Are The Answer To Your Summer Downpour Problem

Let the rain know what it's dealing with.
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It might be summer now chaps, but believe me when you step out your front door in an August downpour a young Henry Hill ain't gonna be there holding an umbrella for you like Paulie in Goodfellas. This is why you need a waterproof mac. 

Danish brand Rains make 100% waterproof macs which protect you from the elements. By that they mean wind, rain etc. Not chemical elements. If you think it's alright to wear a rain mac to handle plutonium you probably shouldn't be in possession of it.

RAINS Jacket-SkyBlue-front-£75.jpeg

In my opinion their best work is with bright and bold colours: reds, yellows, blues. A bright fisherman's yellow makes a big statement about your attitude to wet weather, almost goads the rain to have a go. Lets it know what its dealing with.

RAINS Jacket Short-Yellow-Front-£75.jpeg

As I type this somebody just walked past me wearing one. If that's not the planets aligning to tell you it's a good idea then I don't know what is. 

Their designs come in a variety of lengths colours and styles, all available from rainsuk.com. Below is the video for Ja Rule - The Reign which has been in my head since I started writing this and will now be in yours all day.