Reigning Champ Heavyweight Crew Neck

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I'll tell you something, friend, never underestimate the importance of a grey crew neck jumper. It might not set your pants on fire at first glance, but over time it'll become one of the most essential items you'll ever own. As such, having to nouse to spend a bit on a good one is the kind of 'mature man' shit you want to be aiming for. 

For a start, just the words 'heavyweight crew' make you jolt your shoulders like Tony Soprano. Everybody wants to be in a crew: Motley, So Solid, World Class Wreckin. Take your pick. 

Secondly, the subtle texture of a good quality jersey sends vibrations to the subconscious that says 'this guy knows his shit'. It really is worth shelling out for a decent one. 

Reigning Champ are a crew from Vancouver whose gear is based on vintage athletics wear, with added emphasis on quality and construction. They're from Canada so they know the meaning of outerwear and layering like you and I know the words to the Only Fools theme. It's in their blood. This is just one of their many lovely sweatshirts. 

Available now from Oi Polloi

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