The Return Of Socks And Sandals

The sex tourist / geography teacher look is back. Weird Tony from accounts is having his moment in the sun and it needs to stop.
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After all, the whole socks and sandals thing is an irony, a mickey take on a painful look associated with weirdoes and overly functional types. Hardly a new idea is it? Try hards/hipsters decide to recycle yesteryears worst looks and adopt them as their own. And as soon as it becomes “a thing” it’s soon forgotten about.

It’s a fallacy, a bizarre wholly contrived conception, a completely flawed basis for style. Socks and sandals has always looked shit, what makes you think it’s suddenly not? That chain on your glasses?

The humble sandal and its scampish less formed rubber cousin, the flip flop, are great and really versatile, keeping your feet cool when it’s hot out, allowing your plates to breath. Why interfere with simple science with a pair of cotton and polyester blend? You’ll only open yourself up to a whole host of unpleasant connotations and gain the attention of the local constabulary in the process, not to mention having sweaty feet.

So go forth, don the sandal but please… not with your socks.

Here’s four foot friendly pairs for you...

Tiva @ Oi Polloi


Birkenstock (double strap)

Classic Birkenstock Arizona

Mephisto (Norman)


Birkenstock (Back strap)

Classic Birkenstock Milano-2