Turn Your Letter Box Into Your Lost Sock Bureau

Perfectly matched socks every time you dip your hand into your drawer. No, not a fantasy - a very achievable reality thanks to Blacksocks.com.
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Mankind has conquered nature, put a man on the moon and taught a dog to say sausages but yet in 2011 one achievement still alludes most of us - the perfect sock drawer.

All we ask for is one good pair of matching socks every day of the week for the rest of our lives. Yet for some reason that proves impossible. That is, unless you join Blacksocks. Sign up and you’ll be sent three pairs of Italian made black socks by post three, four or six times a year. A sockscription, if you will.

The company was founded in 1999 by Swiss genius Samy Liechti who dreamt the idea up after finding himself at a Japanese business meeting with ill-matched and holey socks. Humiliated by the experience – he vowed never to wear underwear again. Twelve years later he has helped 60,000 people around the world realise the same dream. Now you can too.

They don’t just do socks, they’ll mail you underwear and T-shirts too. To find out more go to www.blacksocks.com

But don't just think of yourself - think of your old man. Father's day is 19 June so why not bag him some cracking socks too. Click here for Sabotage Times' special offer.

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