Savile Rogue Touchscreen Gloves: Smart Gloves For The Self-Respecting Football Fan

Need a decent pair of gloves that’ll let your use your smartphone at the same time? Saville Rogue have designed the very ones you need...
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As winter approaches, the football season starts to get serious. Premier League managers will be sacked (our money is on Martin Jol being next for the chop), "surprise packages" start to flag, the annual "winter break" argument rears it head, and watching your a football match in a stadium becomes an exercise in staving off hypothermia.

Thankfully, the chaps at footie clobber store Savile Rogue have designed a smart pair of leather gloves that also allow you to use your smartphone at the same time. There's no fabric coating or holes in your glove like in other touchscreen offerings - the leather itself controls the touchscreen while a fleece lining and thick wool coating keep out the bleak midwinter. With the news that we could be in for a 100 days of snow, you could be necking Bovril to stay warm in football stadiums until the League Cup Final so you could do a lot worse than picking up a pair of Savile Rogue to stay smart and keep calling your left back an idiot on Twitter for not hoofing it.

Savile Rogue Leather Touchscreen Gloves are available to buy here on the Savile Rogue website.