Schott Perfecto Bomber

If James Dean, The Ramones, Debbie Harry, and the American troops of WWII thought it was good enough for them, it's damn well good enough for you and I, friend.
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Schott have been around for 101 years, and can boldly lay claim to being one of the pioneering brands which helped carry quality outerwear from its military roots and onto the slender shoulders of popular culture.

Started by Irving Schott in 1913 in NYC, the brand made its name from a leather jacket named after Schott's favourite brand of cigar. The asymmetrical 'Perfecto' jacket would become the staple for young rebellious teenagers and bikers for generations to come, and its from that iconic item that the brand now draws inspiration.

The Perfecto range looks at the classic styles that have passed through the Schott family for generations to make contemporary jackets for modern blokes who know their onions. It's essentially their heritage range.

The pick of the bunch for me is this burgundy bomber with a sheepskin collar. It's made in the USA and features a khaki twill lining with two large patch pockets to put your hands in after a long day branding cattle and eating hot dogs.

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