Seriously Late Summer Selection

From McQueen's sunglasses to a Vietnam lighter, these are the things that should be about your person in the last days of summer.
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Here's a run down of some bits and pieces I've been rocking these past few weeks. I wouldn't say they're favourite 'buys' or even the best bits in my wardrobe, just stuff I've been wearing recently.

I had some other shirts and things like that to use but I couldn't be bothered getting the ironing board out. Oh and by the way, I'm no Ian Rankin so apologies about the photography.

So in no particular order-

1. Lets start with some accessories, first up is the classic black Swatch watch. Im no watch fan but a friend recently suggested it and I haven't looked back. Massive in the mid 80s Italian Paninaro scene, scene fans.

2. Second, an original US army issue lighter from Vietnam. I don't smoke these days but still desire to look cool. Nice sentiment engraved on the side. Reminds me of my time in Nam.

3. Trickers Suede Bucks, style magazines inform us that every gentleman should own a pair of handmade English shoes. Well Im no fucking gentleman but these are definitely rather splendid.

4. R6 Duffle bag. Duffel? Fuck knows. Ill tell you one thing though, bags are very hard to photograph. This classic is from the recent 6876 x Regent R6 collaboration. Worryingly, every time I throw this bag over my shoulder I start humming show tunes from South Pacific. Its still ace, mind.

5. Ok, classic denim- 1944 Levis Vintage 501's, Margaret Howell fishing hat and and R6 Lanyard. I met Margaret Howell once, she was knitting at the time. According to GQ, we both own the same John and Sylvia Reid designed Stag tall boy and chest of drawers. Touch me.

6. Dickies 874 chino workpants. Classic and hard wearing, what more can be said. I've altered mine and had them tapered slightly. When I wear them I sometimes shut my eyes and pretend its the 90s and I'm Mike D.

7. Vintage 1980s Burberry's summer jacket. Nigel from Oi Polloi recently told the proper name of this style of jacket but unfortunately I've forgotten what he said.

8. Haversack sweatshirt cardigan, although quite expensive this top has had more wear than a scotsman's johnny.

9. Now my photography starts to seriously deteriorate from here in. Junya Watanabe jacket, for some reason I feel like Gene Hackman when I wear it. No idea why, whatsoever.

10. Vintage original Levis Big E type III jacket. classic, original, a proper wardrobe staple.

11. 6876 jacket. Honestly, my shoddy photography does this jacket no justice. Kenneth Mackenzie's 6876 label is a firm favourite at Chez Glenn.

12. Woolrich Woolen Mills Upland shirt. I've worn this shirt so many times it has a smell that won't go away. First season too. I'm such a fucking trendsetter.

13. LevisXX white pocket T-shirt. 50s cut for that 'Jerry Lee Lewis just married my cousin' feel.

14. Don't know what happened here, obviously I can't add up either. Who do you think I am, Simon Hawking?

15. Sperry 75th anniversary CVO pumps, usually only obtainable from Japan but because of their birthday celebration, Sperry allowed them over here in  limited quantities. Mine came in Nantucket Red, which to me and you means pink.

16. Grass green lightweight Barbour Beaufort. I looked for this jacket for ages before finding it on a Japanese website. After paying over the odds to have it sent over here it then turned up in Barbour outlet shops across the UK for a fraction of the price. Nice one. Nigel Cabourn once asked me where I got mine from. I told him Japan. True story.

17&18. Clarks Wallabee Sport. Ever seen these before? Well neither had I before purchasing them from a nutty Dutch shoe obsessive. Hard soled Wallabee's with a very slim silhouette made in the original Irish Padmore & Barnes factory.

19. Persol folding glasses. Two words- Mc Queen.

20. Ricoh R10, my camera as recommended to me by camera fans. I may be shit at taking photographs, it however is not. In the right hands its lethal.

Look out for the third installment of the Rig Out magazine, due to drop at Oi Polloi within the next three weeks!

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