Shirt Stays Will Keep Your Shirt Looking Smart All Night

As a boy, who didn’t have their mum endlessly telling them to tuck their shirt in? I’d do as I was told and five minutes later it was untucked again.
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I’m no longer running around climbing trees and swinging from branches but like many guys with an active, busy lifestyle, I loath having to continually retuck my shirt. Thankfully, a friend’s husband who works in the bar industry finally solved this sartorial problem, after I observed and remarked on how neat and flat his shirt remained on a night out dancing.

He let me in on his secret by pulling up his trouser leg to reveal what looked like a pair of braces linked to his socks, which he revealed were connected to his shirt. A welcome introduction to the ingenious idea of shirt stays from Sharp and Dapper. It turns out, what with all that reaching and bending and flirtatious twirling, that shirt stays are the secret staple for bar men across the country, who have become almost as renowned for their style as they are for their cocktail creations.

I promptly ordered a pair of the shirt stays to try them out. Out of the box I was initially perplexed on how and where to attach them, but that soon became clear with some super simple and clear visual instructions. I simply attached the front brace to the back of my sock and vice versa with the back brace, creating a cross on the outside of my knee as well as keeping the shirt stays hugged to the outside of my leg. Job done and ready for some tuck-testing action.

I’ve now road tested them to their limit, and they keep my shirt where it should be as I walk, sit, stand, reach and go about my day.  They take a little getting used to but after 2 or 3 wears I hardly noticed them and that feeling of being pulled down quickly disappeared. A pleasant revelation and something I’ll be wearing again and again.

There’s just one problem and as it turns out, one of the most popular FAQs on their website? What if I were to get lucky on a night out? Not sure I need to show off or explain these seemingly elaborate goings on under my trousers. Their advice: ‘if you are worried that they will cause a problem at the time of lust, we recommend that you excuse yourself and go to the restroom for a swift removal as well as a freshen up.’

A sharp piece of advice from a brand that’s going places. At only £18.00, their shirt stays are an investment that every dapper guy should make.