Skepta Joins Nasir Mazhar For LC:M Collab

What happens when one of the biggest talents in grime gets together with a big dog of the fashion world?
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This is pretty exciting. Nasir Mazhar, who's best known for this inventive approach to headwear, and grime pioneer Skepta, who doesn't need us to introduce him, are  are teaming up for a LC:M collaboration.

Together with Red Bull Music Studios, the two creatives, both getting their native East London noticed on the global stage in their respective mediums, will work together on a soundtrack to Mazhar's show, and a jacket for the collection.

The designer often uses grime to soundtrack his catwalk shows, so having a bespoke track made by one of the godfathers of the genre is pretty big news. They'll follow up the show with an after party at Metropolis strip club, obvs.

Skepta and Nasir  Mazhar X Red Bull Cat Walk Studios