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The website that ensures you'll never get caught unawares in a rainstorm in your suede Gazelles again
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In case you hadn't noticed, or just didn't care, I quite like my trainers, and I know that nothing upsets a trainer lover more than the threat of inclement weather. There's nothing worse than going out in a pair of suede gazelles or vintage runners only to be confronted with a thunderstorm. The perils are numerous. The 'trick' paving stone, that looks like a regular paving stone until you step on it and it flips up, ejaculating it's funky dirt water from its underbelly all over your lovely clean trainers. The threat of puddle splash from vehicles in the road, the threat of some clumsy oaf, with no regard for pavement etiquette stepping on your toe, leaving a muddy imprint. And the threat of, well, rain just getting them wet.

The common rule of thumb for me is suede and runners during the summer, if it's guaranteed to be a glorious dry day  then you can break out those rare classics acquired from eBay. Autum it's time for dark leather and winter, it's best to give trainers a miss altogether and stick to shoes and hiking boots.

Taking precautions takes effort, such as checking the weather or looking out of the window. However there was always the chance of being caught out, and what about the inexperienced trainer wearer, yet to encounter the kind of hidden horrors of simply walking down the street, unfamiliar with the basic pillars of footwear ownership.

This is where SneakerWeather comes in. A site that, not only tells you the weather, but indicates what trainers are most suitable. It offers live with up-to-the-minute updates and promises to keep you informed of current conditions via the  website and fancy-pants mobile device.

Find the site at and on Twitter and Facebook by doing the usual searches. Lots of other magazines have said great things about it but what do they know about trainers? All you need to know is that I, and Sabotage Times, think it's ace.

Point of order though, it's 'trainers' not 'sneakers'.