Sneakerpedia: Step Inside The World's First Online Trainer Library

It’s trainer history in the making. From your ’97 Trimm Trab to the original Nike Huarache, every trainer you have ever loved is now being archived by the world’s most comprehensive sneaker library.
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Seriously, Nike are our Manolos, Adidas our Jimmy Choos and Puma our Balenciagas. We’ve all admired that bloke with the 80s tennis-shoes that make his boot-cut jeans sit perfectly and we’ve all sat there thinking, “shall I ask him, or will that be an admittance that he’s better than me and that I want to copy him?” We know, you didn’t bother, but you still think about those trainers don’t you… Well now you don’t need to speak strange men to find out the make of their pumps.

Simplicity is the genius of Sneakerpedia. The search engine allows you to drill down to the sneaker’s brand, stitching, lining, colour and year. And it doesn’t matter if you are a one-pair wonder or a gnarled centurion with an attic like an Adidas factory (“Darling, why are my white ‘84 Lendls next to the ‘95 suede Nikes?”), you can upload your collections and talk Trimm Trabs, Top Winner and Jordan 23s with other obsessives.

Seriously, Nike are our Manolos, Adidas our Jimmy Choos and Puma our Balenciagas

“Sneaker culture includes facets of pop culture, music culture and art culture, and that’s what we’re trying to represent,” says Elliot Curtis, a lecturer in ‘sneakology’ (yes, really) and one of the footwear VIPs chosen as an evangelical ambassador for Sneakerpedia - the world’s online first trainer library. The guide, conceptualised by retailer Foot Locker, launches later this month in a blaze of rubber, leather, vinyl and canvas.

Sneakerologist Elliot is joined by DJ and unofficial godfather of sneakers, Bobbito Garcia, in the venture. "Sneakerpedia is going to be madness!” he says. “I love the idea that anyone can participate, from serious collector to casual wearer, from legendary designer to fitness junkie. It will also help me out because now when someone on the train asks: "What kind of sneakers are those?" I can swiftly tell them: "Oh, just do a search for them on Sneakerpedia – and let me finish reading my newspaper, thank you!"

So you heard him. Stop staring lovingly at that pair of 2001 Adidas Forest Hills on the chap opposite, finish reading Sabotage Times and brace yourself for trainer heaven.

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