Spiewak Launch Golden Fleece Range

If you wanna talk about outerwear heritage...
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With its roots in working class New York, the company started by Isaac Spiewak 110 years ago to provide clothing to dockworkers in Brooklyn is still one of the most respected names in outerwear today. You don't last for over a century by cutting corners and knocking out sub-standard gear, do you? The brand has been trusted by soldiers of two world wars and the emergency services for Christ sake.

This season they start a new chapter in their history by introducing the Golden Fleece range, which recreates classic items from the brand's archives. Think snorkel parkas with coyote fur trim, MA-1 flight jackets in 40 year old surplus material, and more jackets that make you want to move to Alaska and turn the air-con up.

The beautiful thing in the picture above is the waxed N-3B parka, my pick of the collection. Below is the 110th anniversary ltd edition Woodland MA-1. Look at the full range at Spiewak1904.com.


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