Step Away From The Production Line With Super Superficial

If you're sick of Topman robots in their cookie-cut t-shirts get down to one of the Super Superficial stores for some new clobber that won't break the bank.
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The problem with most clothing these days is that –unless you can afford to pay ridiculous amounts of money- most of what’s available is generally straight off of a production line. Nothing is unique and sooner or later, you always end up bumping into someone wearing the exact same item. Casually trading embarrassing smiles as you zip up your jackets so nobody can see, before whispering to your friend that yours is ‘vintage.’ It’s certainly not an ideal situation for the wannabe fashionista.

In a quest to transform myself from ‘high street clothes horse’ to ‘in the know lad about town’ I stumbled across Super Superficial. Working hand in hand with upcoming artists and designers, they produce purely limited release clothing that you won’t find anywhere else. At the moment their stock consists primarily of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and the odd tote bag, with fresh items added on a monthly basis.

Designs are eclectic and verging on the quirky side - just the type that Topman or Urban Outfitters would love to have everyone just out of Shoreditch wearing. A t-shirt will cost between £20 and £35 with sweatshirts peeking at £45, so hardly bank breaking. In fact it’s actually quite astonishing really that with such low prices and quality that the shop isn't more popular. Not that that’s something to be complaining about.

Super Superficial currently have two stores open in London, one of which can be found just off Carnaby Street and the other in Covent Garden. Worth a look if you’re tired of the usual cut and paste jobs.

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