Stephan Schneider x NMWA Merino Coat AW11 Re-Issue

Sell your car, buy this coat.
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Hold me.


My heart's beating too fast, like it's trying to escape. It might just make it. Past the ribs, free.

That coat. Fuck. Fuck.

Belgian designer Stephan Schneider is re-upping his beyond-ace Merino coat that OG dropped way back in A/W 2011. That's long as fuck ago, as you know, but such is the sway of No Man Walks Alone's swag that ol' SS is bringing it back. For £579.

That might be a *bit* of a stumbling block but sod it, let's keep going.

Killing it in forest jade green with light brown knit liner, this jacket's 86% wool outer and drapey-as-fuck cut means that it's pretty much the best coat you're gonna see this year and it's not even actually from this year - how boss is that?

Available now, exclusively, from NMWA.