Stone Island Dyed Reflective Jacket

100 things we love right now #88
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Who saw this coming then? Stone Island is now the darling of the fashion pack. Rappers from across the Atlantic dressing like geezers from Tottenham. Art students turning up to clubs like yoof scallies poncing pints and packets 10 years ago. This new found appreciation isn't to everyone's taste, and why should it be? When you've had the nous to recognise great craftmanship and style for decades, why would you want or need some sullen cunt with a moccaccino nicking your dress sense? But that's for another day.

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In my opinion one thing that can't be debated is Stone Island's integrity. For a label which made its reputation with challenging ideas and premium materials, the temptation to take a dip in quality for maximum profit and exposure during this wave of popularity has thankfully been resisted. Whoever wears it, the badge still stands for quality. 


For the summer, Stone Island's landmark metal nylon fabric has been dyed a range of colours for these handsome new jackets, from lime to orange. As anyone who's owned a metal shell jacket will testify, photos don't do it justice, the real beauty comes when you pick one up and put it on. Sublime. 

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