Style Thief: JFK

Wanna dress like a dead President? Yeah. Let’s dress like a dead President, ay…
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Everyone should make an effort to develop their own style. Should seek inspiration from others and allow for seasonal changes, but at the core of a look should be a theme that is entirely one’s own. That being said, there are those days where you just can’t be arsed…

On these days, and on these days alone, it is acceptable to partake in some light thievery. When at your lowest ebb, it is fine to look to icons of men’s style and to hijack a few key items to give your look a bit of a boost. To find garments which not only add to your own personal style, but are the tried and tested staples of menswear and can make any man look and feel cool.

For this particular experiment to work, you’re going to need an almost flawless style icon. Enter the 35th President of The United States of America, Marilyn Monroe wooer and all-round good-looking cat John F Kennedy.

It’s not often politicians look good, but for pretty much every moment of his political career – up until his run-in with a book depository and a grassy knoll – JFK was impeccably turned out. The golden boy of the Ivy League look, America’s first Roman Catholic commander-in-chief  looked as comfortable aboard a boat as he did  behind a lectern. Here, nick some of his ideas…

Marshall Artist Polka Dot Crew Neck – Grey Melange


Can’t afford a presidential yacht? Just throw a grey jumper on and hang around near a boat. It’ll be fine. This relaxed, mélange sweater from Marshall Artist mimics one worn by JFK when sailing in Hyannis Port with his brother Robert’s children. Twin it with some RayBan Wayfarer’s to really capture that Leader-Of-The-Free-World-And-I’m-Not-That-Arsed vibe.

Dockers Alpha Kaki Skinny - Chino


Dockers are a Levi’s product. Levi’s are really American. JFK was really, really American. So American, in fact, that they made him President of the whole place. You’re going to need some chinos if you’re going to get this look right. Buy these ones from Oi Polloi. They’re smashing.

Sperry Top-Sider – Authentic Original Boat Shoe


Sperry Top-Sider made the original boat shoes in 1935. They are the best at making boat shoes. This classic, original silhouette perfectly compliments your JFK sartorial thievery. Plus, if you do ever manage to get on an actual boat at some point, the sole won’t mark the deck.