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Unique style is important to a lot of us, but sometimes you might have to get a bit light fingered and liberal with your influences...
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Every man should make an effort to develop his own style, he should seek inspiration from others and allow for seasonal changes in wardrobe, but at the core of his look there should be a sartorial theme which is entirely his own.

That being said, there are those days where you just can't be arsed...

On these days, and on these days alone, it is acceptable to partake in some light thievery. When at your lowest ebb, it is fine to look to icons of men's style and to hijack a few key items to give your look a bit of a boost. To find garments which not only add to your own personal style, but are the tried and tested staples of menswear and can make any man look and feel cool.

For this particular experiment to work you'll need an almost flawless icon, enter Steve McQueen:

Over thirty years after his death, 'the fashion world' is still in awe of Steve McQueen, with a host of magazines and 'heritage brands' attempting to claim the man, and indeed his style, as their own. However, what seems to be lost in the flurry of price-tags and so called 'exclusive' ranges, is the absolute simplicity of McQueen's style.

Steve McQueen looked effortlessly cool in anything he wore, but looked most comfortable in the down to earth basics of rugged American sportswear and simplistic, stylish British brands. Despite being the highest paid actor of his generation, McQueen eschewed a glitzy Hollywood image, for something far more attainable, even to the modern man:

The Harrington Jacket:
If you've ever paid even a passing glance to the state of modern menswear you'll be aware of The Harrington. Whether it be Elvis Presley launching rock and roll, or Mods scrapping on Brighton beach, the Harrington jacket has had a hand in defining several eras of men's fashion. Mcqueen was a fan, its clean casual look fitted his dressed down style perfectly.

Baracuta G9 Harrington - From £135 at Weaver's Door

The Crew Neck T-shirt:
It began as underwear, designed for American military men, was adapted and is now the most popular garment on the planet. You all own one, but none of you pull it off like McQueen. Keep it simple, in a single colour and make sure it fits.

YMC Grey Marl T-shirt From £15 at Coggles

Flat Front Chino:
Chinos are another relic of the American military uniform and are still, despite somewhat of a rennaissance, something that most men get wrong. They're durable, versatile and most importantly for Steve McQueen, they compliment a relaxed, casual look as well as they do a semi-formal one.

Fred Perry Tapered Chinos From £85 at

The Desert Boot:

The Desert Boot is quintessential McQueen. Shoes which were passed from military, to workwear and then finally became a wardrobe staple. They're absolutely essential for any man, not only the most comfortable boot you will ever own, but also the most versatile. As well as completing a casual look, they can take the formal edge off a suit and be worn pretty much all year round. Well worth in investing in a pair.

Clark's Originals Desert Boot From 49.99 at Weaver's Door

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