Summer Footwear: Veras Santander

If you're looking forward to the summer, but not to wearing the same old plimsolls as everyone else, take a look at this offering from UK brand Veras.
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So the Great British Summertime is on it’s way, or at least we hope it is. Typically this would mean the sun would be out shining everyday, or like other years we could just end up with rain showers. More optimism, less pessimism though yes? Correct, so let’s talk summer footwear.

As much as I would like to wear my well worn-in desert boots all year round, I’m afraid it just isn’t feasible come summer time. Sweaty feet is not a good look on anyone, and contrary to recent trends - neither is suede boots and shorts, in my opinion. So a lighter option is what’s required. This is where Veras come in. The brand is the brainchild of Neil Morris, who originally cut his teeth running Cardiff based store Drooghi. Following the closure of the store in 2007 - Neil upped sticks and moved out to Spain, where he started work with local factories on a line of shoes named after a local village.

The shoes themselves are constructed along the lines of classics, utilised with a subtle twist. Take the Santander lace up: mixes of espadrille and plimsoll, two styles which have been doing the rounds on the high street for the last few seasons, but with so many brands just copying the same old format, said styles can become stale rather quickly. Veras provide an invigorating new slant on summer footwear, and whilst every man and his dog will be wearing slip on espadrilles and white pumps this summer, the Veras range of spring summer shoes are instantly recognisable as something with a bit more personality.

The use of local craftsmen working in traditional Spanish factories to manufacture the shoes, and the application of natural products including Jute, rubber and recycled papers and fabrics – all result in a great looking lightweight shoe that will last you for a few summers to come. Unlike most plimsoll soles, the Santander has a surprisingly sturdy sole that feels like it will last the whole summer, instead of the first two weeks - elsewhere the espadrille style mid sole and beige mesh upper help to keep your feet cool whilst adding a subtle flair to round the shoe off.


Like most good things, these shoes come in limited numbers, so you are unlikely to see them afoot of every bloke in the country. They are also only available to the UK and Japan.

If you like the look of Veras you can buy the shoes from any of their UK Stockists, including Manchester's Oi Polloi and London's Number Six.

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