Swaine and Adeney Bags for Bond and Gladstone

The finest leather bags a man can blow a fortune on. 007 had three, William Gladstone liked his so much they named it after him.
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There is no finer purveyor of superior leather goods than Swaine and Adeney. The company began by making whips in 1750 – now they hand craft their alarmingly stylish, but exceedingly British, range of wallets, attaché cases and suitcases using the same methods that they’ve employed for hundreds of years. And, as they provide a cracking bespoke service, they will tailor-make leather goods to order. A popular request is the set of luggage that sits perfectly in one’s car, leather-dyed to perfectly match the auto’s interior. Many customers favour their initials or crest hand-embossed over a set of cases, while some ask for an extra pocket or compartment inside a classic case that will cater to their needs.

One such customer was the fictional James Bond, for whom the company made three black leather briefcases, with their distinctive red skiver lining, issued to all 00 agents. Prime Minister William Gladstone  loved his weekend bag so much it came to be known simply as the Gladstone, they now retail at £1,795. All Swaine Adeney Brigg leather goods are handmade to order, and can be initialled. Bespoke prices from £1,200. Production time is normally 6-12 weeks.


Swaine Adeney Brigg, 54 St. James's Street London SW1A 1JT

+44 (0)20 7409 7277