Syndicut Shorts Are Worth Booking A Holiday For

Just because it's grey in the UK doesn't mean it can't be Club Tropicana in your wardrobe.
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It's always a tough one buying swimming shorts. Ideally you want something that says "I take my vacations in the Tropics and drink from a pineapple" when really you're smashing back ouzo with the bar owner at a 3* all inclusive you got off Groupon. 3 Greek stars that is, as well. Different rating system to our stars. They don't tell you that when you book. 

Luckily Syndicut make some of the best designed swimming shorts on the market, and they won't cut too deep into your poolside Solero fund. 


The London-based brand collaborate with artists and designers to come up with the prints for each new season. This summer they've got light artist Rupert Newman, set designer George Lewin, fashion designer Alice Begg and 3D Designer and sculptor Selwyn Holmes, giving each print its own unique style. 

Have a look at these and tell me you don't feel like jumping on a lilo and having a Club Tropicana moment. 


Oh and if you're going away for a week you need two pairs - you're not in Kavos anymore sunshine (although part of me will always wish I still was).

Available from Syndicut London