Taylor Stitch Chambray Shirt

I got emailed a picture of this shirt. Now I want it.
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I get sent a lot of emails from PRs. A hideous amount in fact, but every now and again, amongst the early Christmas tips, Valentines bollocks and Robbie Savage DVDs, a gem emerges. I like shirts, love em in fact, always have, always will. I've had some shockers, especially as a lad, but I've also had some beauties and I want this one. I know little about Taylor Stitch, other than they are based in California. I also know little about the jargon that goes with stuff like this, including triple needle chain stitch construction and donut buttons. If that's the sort of stuff that floats your boat, then good luck to you, I just know I want to wear it.

Here's how it looks on...


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