The 5 Sharpest Blue Suited Men Of 2013

A gentlemen's staple which has made a real comeback in 2013. Teamed with a pair of brown brogues and crisp white shirt, you can't go wrong. I've counted down my top five blue suits of the year so far...
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5) Ryan Gosling - Only God Forgives

Nicholas Winding-Refn followed up his slick 2011 film 'Drive' with this thriller - but in truth, it should probably have just been called 'RYAN GOSLING IS IN THIS'.

The Danish director managed to coin a new genre - the 'snoregorefest' - but other than that, the only real highlight of the Bangkok-based bloodbath was Mr Gosling's immaculate dress sense throughout. Long gone are the Notebook days of the baker boy cap and oatmeal Henley - the Canadian is now setting vaginas a-flutter by sporting a smart three-piece whilst staring ahead intently in complete silence. I particularly enjoy the blood-red splashes of colour throughout. Oh.


4) Professor Green, Wedding

Professor Green, with a sharp suit, in a lavish ceremony at a Somerset country house. No - it's not the campest game of Cluedo you've ever played, but instead, the celebrity wedding of t̶h̶e̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶  September.

Pro, or Stephen to his mum, ditched the Puma and got hitched up to Made In Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh wearing a Royal Blue ensemble, simultaneously smashing his way into my top five. Well, I guess he was marrying into blue blood...


3) Jamie Foxx, Django Unchained

Yes, this is one for the pedants as the movie originally filled cinemas in 2012, but the DVD hit shelves in 2013, so I'm allowed to include it - and anyway, it's my list you racist.

Now, how well this particular outfit will translate to the high street, I'm not sure. Unless you live in Hoxton, you probably don't often find yourself standing behind a French Revolution Little Lord Fauntleroy in the queue at Tesco - but props to Jamie Foxx, he looks pretty fly in a ruffle.

If you've never seen it, then go do so right now. Well, not right now. In about five minutes time. If you've seen it before, watch it again. It's the only way you can truly prepare yourself for the sight of Quentin Tarantino dressed as a cowboy. As per Gosling: if you're going to brutally murder people in front of their families, you really should dress the part - and Foxx does Djust that.


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2) David Gandy, Everybloodywhere

Let's be honest, this guy could probably look good in a bin bag - or, God forbid, even a Kappa tracksuit - and he makes our top five based on his unrivalled dedication to the blue suit cause.

With a blue suit for every occasion, Gandy has been popping up all over 2013, making women's private parts fizz by rocking a variety of ensembles from navy, to royal, and even sky blue.

I particularly like this perfect retro piece, offset by a brown tie and dark shades (which hide boss-eyes, I hope, for all our sakes).


1) Brad Cooper and Gerard Butler, Wimbledon Men's Final

That's right. A double-team. A two-pronged, blue suit attack.

We've all seen it on Facebook. A self-deprecating caption of "I look so rough today :(" added to an album entitled 'ME' containing a further 243 almost identical photos.

But, this summer, Brad and Ged proved that the art of selfie is far from exclusively the work of 14 year old duck-faced girls, as they captured their bromance in high definition - nearly overshadowing an historic Wimbledon win by Whatshisname in the process.

The actual image has never surfaced - but I'd like to think that Brad snapchatted the rest of the Hangover guys, and Ged forwarded the image on too, drawing 299 comments of derision from the Spartans. That's my dream and I'm sticking with it. In summary, a tour de force.