The Casual Connoisseur: Winter Headweir

Getting nippy isn't it? Well, why not buy one of these bobble hats and combine looking cool with being erm, warm. Obvious really.

Everyone needs something to keep their head warm in winter, don't they?

Too few blokes wear hats these days but, with temperatures starting to fall not far short of absolutely fucking freezing, a good hat will be essential this winter.

Luckily the chaps at The Casual Connoisseur understand this and are set for their third run of the 'Weir bobble hat' – something which first appeared back in 2008. The Casual Connoisseur started out by producing alternative and original t-shirts which drew equal amounts of inspiration from cult film, music and the football, but they have expanded into other fields such as bags, pin badges and polo shirts, while their first effort at jacket design is expected in the New Year.

Tom, The Casual Connoisseur's main man, explains that men with larger nappers need not worry about fitting into one of these. "The Weir is made of double layered acrylic. This allows more use of colour without the hat becoming very bulky as it would with woven woolen, I also find them less itchy and have no problems with sweating that you can have with pure wool. and the one-size fits-all aspect is covered as they are very stretchy without losing their shape."

The hats are inspired, and named after, the unintentional cool of broadcaster Tom Weir - an obvious choice for The Casual Connoisseur; a label which has been passionate about the great outdoors (and the old functional clothing which came with it) from its earliest days.

Three different colours of the hat will be available with each priced at £20. A suave combination of geeky cool and retro design, these hats can be yours (in very limited edition, of course) from November.

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