The Everyman Guide To Leather Jackets

As far as masculine items of clothing go, the leather jacket is pretty much at the top of the style tree. Buy the right one and you’re on a one way street to James Dean levels of cool, get it wrong and you’re a Village People reject.
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One of the best things to remember when buying a leather jacket is that less is more. Whilst it might be tempting to go for a striking biker number, dripping in zips and shiny bits, the chances are that this will leave you looking less cool and more S&M aficionado. Unless you’ve already defined yourself a rock and roll image that can pull off such a look, leave these as the hallmarks of perverts and heavy metal fans.

A leather jacket should have an easy casual look to it, if you’re worried that you’re carrying too much zip then you certainly won’t be looking relaxed and casual. Go for something simple and well fitted, that’s going to be comfortable to wear whilst still purveying rugged manly sensibilities.

Also, be aware of price. If you want to look good in a leather jacket, expect to spend some money. You want something with good quality leather that not only looks great, but is functionable and durable. A cheap, heavy, ill fitting jacket you picked up for twenty quid that doesn’t bend at the elbows and has a dubious patent leather sheen is going to stand out a mile away for all of the wrong reasons. A good jacket will last you for a lifetime so think of it as an investment.

For something simple and to the point check out the Johnny Leather Jacket from Nudie.

Known mostly for their denim wear, Nudie have taken the same tailored approach seen on their jeans to create a well cut, timeless design. This is a no frills jacket that does exactly as it should. Perfect for the slimmer gent.


If your heart is set on going for a more traditional biker jacket, then a good start is the Razor Jacket from occasional high street diamond in the rough, All Saints.

The standard biker jacket with the usual diagonal zips and press stud lapels given a toned down understated look with black finish zip detailing. A lot more eye catching than the previous Nudie jacket but still avoiding the faux hells angel, ‘everyone look at me I’m such a wanker’ vibe.


Finally, if you’re looking for something a little more distinguished that sits outside of the old fail safes, the Edwin Amp Tramp Jacket.

More Easy Rider than The Wild One, this is a suede leather jacket that is perfect for the summer months. Almost bomber jacket in style, combine this with a pair of well cut jeans and striped t-shirt for a great enduring look.


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