There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather....

... Only the wrong clothes. How to keep Autumn from feeling like Winter with this easily assembled look.
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6876 x Rohan Forth Jacket

Collaborations are a dime a dozen these days, and it’s now really hard to find one that makes any sense. Thankfully both 6876 and Rohan are two brands that work very well together. Utilising one brands technical knowledge with the others distinctive design results in some of the most subtle, high quality technical outerwear around at the moment. And if burgundy ain’t yo’ thang, try the navy Sonora jacket – both are available through the 6876 website.

Patagonia Nano Puff Vest

Despite having its name dragged through the dirt backwards by snotty middle class teenagers intent on bringing the ‘I’m too lazy to take my pyjama’s off’ look to the fore – the ’Dad’s Style’ classic vest, gilet, bodywarmer whatever you wish to call it, is still cool - but only just. Instead of worrying if it is, or isn’t cold enough to wear your big coat, stick one of these under a light jacket and you’ve got the ideal autumnal layer for a day of picking conkers.

Stone Island Sweatshirt

Picture the scenario: It’s raining outside and you have to go out, shouldn’t be too hard to imagine. Comfort and remaining dry is the name of the game here. There are plenty of sweatshirts for you to choose from, and admittedly most of them are half the price of this one, but if you want to be surrounded by cozy cotton fleece (believe me you do), you’ll want to choose this Stone Island one. It’s thicker and more comforting than extra thick bacon on a damp Sunday morning, and this one comes without the ubiquitous arm patch so you’re less likely to be targeted by neighbourhood watch.

Albam regular leg cords

Corduroy is good because, well, it’s not denim. Not that there’s anything wrong with denim, but when the weather gets a bit shit, cords provide a comfy and textured alternative to worrying about if the way you sit each day is achieving the right amount of fading on your new Japanese raw denim – and they’ll dry quicker too.

These cords from Albam come in three colours and are slim fitting so they won’t hang over your shoes and trail the dirty, sodden floor because let’s be honest, that’s not a good look for anyone.

Uniqlo socks

Time to put those ankles or ‘mankles’… away. It’s cold now, so whether you like it or not socks, are a necessity if don’t want cold, wet feet – I’m looking at you flip-flop wearers. Uniqlo do four pairs for £9 and they are displayed in some sort of sock-version of a Pantone colour chart, so you can match them with your scarf. Can’t ask much more than that.

Nike Air Max Humara

Here we have Nike’s latest mutant-hybrid in a long line of spoilt classic trainers: the Air Max Humara. Now, while this trainer is not a patch on its older brother – Peter Fogg’s infamous Terra Humara – it is somewhat hard to ignore. It’s clever while luring you in, bearing all the hallmarks of what made the Terra Humara great in the first place, then without a seconds notice smacks you in the face with a hideous Air Max midsole - leaving you to chew on an oversized air bubble. And that’s where the problem lies, by missing off the rugged, chunky midsole and the triple air holes that really set the original off - Nike have somewhat let us all down.

If I were pushed to look for an obvious positive in this trainer it would be the military colourway – just looking at them makes me believe I could run 10k through barren woodland with a bag full of bricks on my back. Luckily I won’t be doing that, because well, I couldn’t but I’ll tell you what – I could definitely wear the shit out of these to walk to dog in.

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