The Ramsey Coat: An Instant Classic

If you're looking for a twist on the classic Macintosh, check out this Alf Ramsey-inspired beauty from B Store
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Macs, whilst never ever really falling out of fashion, seem to be a looming presence at the moment with every man and his dog donning one and trying to pull a Bogart. Go to the High streets, designer stores and dog tracks of Britain and and you’ll find an abundance of this timeless classic in an array of colours and shapes. The most common of these is, of course, the double breasted and belted number.

But if you like the trend but would prefer to stand out amongst the ever thickening crowd, then you might want to take a look at the Ramsey Coat from B Store.

Available in the standard khaki, the coat features a distinguished mod collar offset by a buttoned panel on one shoulder, and the button fastenings are neatly concealed to give you a stylish 60s minimalist look. Made from 100% lightweight cotton, function is not wholly compromised for style and, despite being a full size coat, this is still easily packed away into a briefcase like its traditional cousin.

With slanted pockets and an oversized cut, it's the perfect coat for either slouching around smoking filterless fags, casing banks or, more likely, popping down the Heart and Sparrow on a Sunday afternoon. It is also, if you hadn't yet noticed, an exact replica of the one donned by the taciturn Alf Ramsey during England's victorious 1966 World Cup campaign.


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