London95: A Celebration Of The Nike Air Max

A new short film by the Rig Out, featuring Novelist and Dark Sky, pays tribute to the legacy of the iconic shoe.
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Twenty years ago (fuck! Yeah, seriously) the Sergio Lozano-designed Nike Air Max 95 introduced a futurist approach to running design. Inspired by human anatomy, the shoe made a bold statement with its molded upper, neon yellow detail, black outsole and visible forefoot air. Above all, the Air Max 95 became an important milestone in London youth culture, an absolute need for all discerning yoof dem in the flats. 

If you needed any proof of its influence over the last 20 years, our mates at The Rig Out have made a film with four creative South London talents, all born around 1995, about growing up with the iconic shoe. 

The film features Novelist (who you can read about here) NTS DJ Jetsss, Catford art dealer Ryan Hawaii and Dark Sky (Ninja Tune), who wrote a jungle-inspired score for it.