The Sabotage Times Xmas Wish List: Style

Looking for something to wear out on New Year's Eve? Take a look at these winter warmers recommended by our writers.
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Engineered Garments Bike Jacket

A Bi-Swing Back, Partial Press Stud Stormflap, we're not sure what half of the jacket's features actually do, but as cycling coats go, we've never seen better. With leather patches on the elbows, hand warmers and pockets designed explicitly for use on a bike it'll definitely be on Boris Johnson's xmas list, but don't let that put you off.

Casual Connoisseur Bobble Hat

Did you know that you lose most of your body heat through your head? You did? Well why aren't you wearing a hat then, it's your health. If you are going to splash out for a festive head warmer then you won't go wrong with one of the bobble tops on offer from The Casual Connoisseur's new collection. They come on black and red as well, if grey and green isn't your thing.

Henri Lloyd Viking Smok

Safe to say nobody is going to miss you in this. A long-awaited collaboration between Henri Lloyd and Oi Polloi, it's a combination of modern practicality and 60's nostalgia. Being fully waterproof with elasticated cuffs and drawstrings on the waist and hood, its the ultimate in weather proof winter wear. Just don't complain if people start calling you Kenny.

Oliver Sweeney Haskins Ecru Belt

Lovingly hand-made in Italy and designed to match their famous line of footwear, the Oliver Sweeney belts are an accessory that smugly ooze class. Available in dozens of different colours and designs, they're all made from a single piece of quality leather and will not only hold your pants up, which is the most important thing, but let you move up a notch after your xmas dinner.

Thorogood Moc Toe Boot

If you're tired of having your toes nibbles by the cold this year then you might want to invest in these top quality boots from Thorogood. Born in the USA, they boast a wedged sole as well as welt construction so they're as practical in the snow as they are sharp looking.

Falke Walkie Ergonomic Sock

Who would have known that we've been done a disservice by sock manufacturers? Not only are these as warm as Weatherfield after its been levelled by a runaway tram, they also come in a left and right, meaning a perfect fit every time.

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