The Top 5 Massive Winter Coats

For hiking, roasting chestunuts, or other winter activities...
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It seems the right-wing press’ power of hyperbole has infiltrated the Met Office. We are apparently in the grip of a “Weather Bomb”? No, me neither.

I reckon, what they might actually mean is that it’s going to be dead cold for a bit. About as unremarkable at the moment as Russell Brand getting angry in public.

Aside from the usual cold weather associations of mass-scale salt proliferation and people moaning about their heating bill we also get to put on a massive coat. And what excuse does this “Weather Bomb” give you? The chance to get a new cold weather beater and play arctic explorer on your lunchtime stroll to Greggs.

Lacoste L!VE Down Jacket (pictured)

Get down with this anti-end of the world-weather jacket from Rene Lacoste.

£225 at Oi Polloi

YMC X Grundens


YMC and their Swedish mates Grundens decided to make a coat to commemorate the temperature dropping again. Hopefully it happens again next year.

£235 at YMC

MA.STRUM Down Filled Sniper Parka

Ma Strum red

Super warm MA.STRUM offering with a nod to the past and a look to the future. Technology, style and a lot of common sense. Find happiness in coats.

£425 at END



Gortex is the most important weather based prophylactic known to man. Get your own lifetime supply with this handsome ARC’TERYX VEILANCE offering.

£630 at Liberty

Nigel Cabourn Donkey Herringbone Wool/Leather Jacket

Nigel Cabourn

Ever fancied being a coal miner? Even if you’ve not you have to admit they looked good. Pick up this cracker from North East work wear makers, Nigel Cabourn all look like Yozzer Hughes.

£479 at Coggles