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Vintage Olympics Gear

If Stella McCartney's Team GB kits aren't firing your cylinders, then how about a more vintage vibe? Check out Beyond Retro's vintage Olympic range...
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The London Olympics 2012 take place in a few weeks. Not that I really give a shit. I mean, I would *like* to go and see an event (is that the right term – event? Game? Show? Spectacle? Match? Meet? Wha’?) but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to be dicked about by Sebastian Coe and pay £298,377,719,107 to bag a back row seat to watch the water polo. Pft!

Our fave thing about the Olympics 2012 here at Le Blow HQ  is the fashion. And I don’t mean Stella McCartney’s Scottish-themed Team GB kits(bizarre) or going all sports luxe – though I don’t mind admitting, I have bought a pair of wedge-heeled hi-tops, to get into the swing of things. After all, dedication (to fashion, Roy) is what you need if you wanna be a record breaaaakkkkkkeeerrrrrr!

Motivational theme tunes aside, the best sportswear is retro sportswear: 70s micro shorts, 80s shell suits (we all had one, admit it – I had more than I care to remember) and 90s chunky hi-tops with clashing neon laces. These were the eras that gave you the likes of Footloose! Flashdance! Fame! Lest we forgot Rocky (all 17,000 of them). Leotards and legwarmers were de rigeur. And special props for Mr Motivator and his bulging… bumbag, eh? Oooh – and the epic Olympic Games, er, game on the classic Commodre 64. Ah yea! Their common denominator? Lycra. Lots and lots of Lycra.

So we were do-a-star-jump-excited to see Beyond Retro‘s range of authentic souvenir sportswear. Dating back to as early as the 1970s, the vintage retailer is introducing an exclusive injection of rare Olympic product to kick-off the summer of sport.

Look, they even did a little shoot to showcase some of their stuff – gold medal for effort, Beyond Retro team!








We’re loving their work, and with limited edition Beyond Retro bicycles coming soon, this range of clothing is the perfect way to celebrate the ol’ summer of sport, we reckon.

Starting from £15 for vintage T-shirts up to £50 for classic Olympic memorabilia from the early 70s, this authentic collection includes loads of rare one-off pieces and will be available from all Beyond Retro stores including Brighton and onliiiiine.

Sprint over tobeyondretro.comfor the need-to-know.

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