This Blue Blue Japan Coat Is Properly Excellent

Big in Japan.
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You know what? I thought about not writing about this killer Blue Blue Japan coat. Hasn't the world had enough of beautifully-tailored Japanese outerwear made from 100% cotton, with a mottled patina and dyed indigo blue as fuck? But then I thought to myself, "Nah mate, they ain't. Keep going." If there's one thing you should know about Japan - besides all those centuries of beautiful, ornate culture and weird sex stuff - it's that they do not fuck around when it comes to stitching. This coat features impeccable sashiko stitching which is pretty much the Illmatic of stitches and means the detailing on this gear will not quit and will still bump some twenty-odd years later. You get what you pay for. @samdissThe Blue Blue Japan Indigo Cotton Coat is available now from Mr. Porter

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