This Spray Will Make Your Trainers Stay Clean Forever

Dirty trainers. Dutty creps. Whatever you call them, they're bad news.
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Pop quiz. Do you want to give out that 'standing in a queue for a kebab with the grimy remains of some Camden shithole pub's floor over your shoes' vibe? Do you think that's a good way to present yourself in life?

If not, get yourself a bottle of Liquiproof. It's a spray that acts as a repellent to water or any other shit your creps might come into contact with on a day to day.

It sounds like black magic, but I've tried it and it really works. On mustard gazelles, no less. Two weeks later and they're still 110% French dijon. 

You really need to see it working to fully understand, though. So here's a vid. 

Buy some here. It might actually change your life. 

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