Timberland Britton Hill Boot

These. Boots. Are. Great
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You like the look of these, don't you? The thought of having them gets you a bit excited in the same way that a surprise packet of sweets from the petrol garage does. I don't blame you. They're beauties. I've got a pair on right now. I'm not lying, I'd take a picture to prove it but my phone's on low battery and I need to ring my Nan on the way home from work. She's 72 and appreciates the company.

I'm wishing the temperature down a few degrees each day just so it's cold enough to feel the full effect of kicking autumn leaves around and crunching the snow under the might of this Timberland boot. They've even got a stacked sole so you can puff out your chest and feel slightly taller than you normally are when you wear them. You'd be surprised how much you notice even a small difference.

You can pick them up from October at the newly designed Regent St store, or buy them on the internet from Timberlandonline.co.uk priced at £150

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