Trunk: An Elegant Never Forgets

Trunk Clothiers, Chiltern Street, London is a new shop selling J Crew shirts, Edwin jeans and Woolrich jackets. Tucked away off Marylebone High Street. Go find it.
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A friend of Sabotage Times who has just done a deal with Woolrich mentioned there was a new clothes shop called Trunk in Marylebone High Street, London which was worth visiting.

After picking up a leaflet in the nearby Monocle box boutique we found it in Chiltern St, a very strange street where the shops are memorable but the location isn't. When I was living in Paddington and Marylebone I would wander past its grand old firestation house, women's footwear, whiskey and instrument shops and wonder if there was a London street with a stranger selection of shops.

The retailers there seem confident in their stock. Despite being in Marylebone they don't need the attention the High Street would give them. Trunk has the same confidence and has given men a reason to visit the street. Walk into the shop and the staff seem delighted to see you. Despite being quite minimalist and precise it has an instantly appealing feel.

Some shops you get a sense there's too much stock, others give you the impression they haven't had enough money or vision to give you any variety. Trunk just feels like someone with really good taste is recommending twenty things you should buy. Edwin jeans are piled in display boxes, Woolrich jackets hang from the rails, J Crew shirts are filed and ready to flick through. They have some beautiful v-necks that were reminiscent of Carlo Brandelli's much missed Kilgour's cashmere Vs with the white piping. We recommend a visit.