TSPTR Coach Jacket

Eighty quid? Bargain, tbh.
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Won't lie to you: I'd never heard of TSPTR before.

A cursory Google search showed that the name was thankfully not a mangled Tottenham Hotspur-related abbreviation, but actually stands for "Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste, Recognition". Not sure what that means, just glad it's well away from White Hart Lane, tbh.

Still, the English label's taste in light, casual jackets is pretty supreme and this classic Coach jacket really caught the eye. Available in green, red and navy, it's constructed from premium-as-fuck weight cotton twill with 'slub' (no clue) jersey lining and painted nickel logo snaps and shuttle loomed labels.

Only £80 too for a real, high-quality wardrobe staple.

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