L.A.ds takes the aesthetic of 90s British street style and drops it smack bang in Boyz n the Hood territory.

If you'd come up to me 20 years ago after a kickabout in the flats and said "Tom, in the future LA street kids are going to be copying your outfit in fashion shoots" I'd have probably told you to fuck off and gone and got some of the bigger boys. 

Turns out it's true. In homage to the 94 USA World Cup, Umbro and The Rig Out jetted off to the states to produce the L.A.ds shoot, launching the British streetwear giant's Pro Training Range. 

Imagine Compton's Most Wanted meets the Class of '92.


UMBRO Pro Training is a range of technical training wear that gained iconic status through the clubs and players it associated with during the 90s. Think classic England kits, bucket hats, big logo tees. You get the picture.


Most surprising of all though is they managed to find a chippy in Venice Beach. 


Look out for the Pro Training range at size? and other key UMBRO retailers and the full UMBRO in LA story in the next issue of the Rig Out due to drop at the end of June.