Uniqlo x Helmut Lang's Alexandre Plokohov F/W '14 Sweat Wear Collection

High street + high fashion x low prices = Instant cop.
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Summer is finito, you guys. Gone - just like that. I know, right? Hardly knew ye, etc.

Sure, rolling sock-less was fun for, like, maybe three weeks but winter looms heavy, we’re officially entering #cozyboyz season, and you’re going to need that relaxed fit in your life, let me tell you.

Shuffle forward, Urban Sweats by Helmut Lang designer Alexandre Plokhov, part of Uniqlo's shit-hot FW14 Sweat Wear line.

The Japanese favourite among struglords who seek to look smart within their means, has paired with Plokhov to create this snug, high-low collabo consisting of sweaters, sweatpants, bombers, and hoodies available in black and grey shades. The capsule was designed by Lang’s newly-appointed menswear director, Alexandre Plokhov, with Plokhov keen to keep shit low-key: minimalistic in way of design, but damn perfect for layering. Pockets, also. We got pockets in places which probably don't call for pockets. Just how we like it. Pockets ga-fucking-lore, guys.

Although the collection is yet to drop, the pieces are clean, and prices certainly not mean. Nope, Sir.

Long Live Uniqlo.

Available online and in-store from 22nd September. Prices ranging from $20-$60 (which is, like, dirty-fucking-cheap in Sterling).