Veras x Casual Connoisseur Cord Shoes

Cord. Shoes? Yeah. Cord shoes. Veras & CasualCo have made some shoes out of corduroy. They're ace...
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Sabotage Times' favourite Welsh/Spanish shoemakers Veras have teamed-up with those arch curators of North Western culture The Casual Connoisseur, to reintroduce to these shores one of the lost treasures of casual culture: the cord shoe.


I don’t know if they were a phenomenon particular to Manchester or the North West or what but for portions of the eighties cord shoes were the shoes for the Perry boy/Scally/Boho/match-going lads /yadda/yadda and then...nothing. They disappeared like childhood, to become a fading memory, discussed by groups of bearded men in pubs with a good CAMRA rating and with hushed-keystrokes on internet forums and shoe-retailers blogs. *sigh*


It's fitting (shoe gag, there) that they're the creations of Veras and Casual Co as they have always shown that they're know-the-scorers and up to the task of the revival/resurrection of the cord shoe and, in this writer's factually correct opinion, they've got it spot on.

Staying true to Veras tradition the shoes are handmade in Spain using the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, producing a cord and suede upper, stitched onto a crepe rubber soul. Even just as words they're beautiful.


If you search for them on the Internet, you'll just need to search for Cord Shoes as that's their name, plain and simple. Personally I'd have called them Manchester, after the famous Manchester cloth they're made from and because they're both really, really, really cool (I'd have probably called them Ancoats tbh. It'd be smart having a pair of Ancoats).

You don't need to search for them on the Internet really as you can only get them here and there won’t be many so fingers on buzzers.

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