Weekend Offender x The Rig Out: Dressers

Following the life of the Cardiff Soul Crew's Deacon, Dressers is a perfect snapshot of the UK's post-Casual culture.
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We're now in a 'Post-Casual' era. Blokes whose existence used to revolve around kicking fuck out of each other now prefer a good walk. Can you blame them? There's only so many nights counting tiles in a cell with a polystyrene tray of slop for company one man can take before you start to wonder if it'd be better just to go home with a scarf and a programme like everybody else.


One chap who knows the game as well as any is Cardiff's Deacon. Banned for a whopping 20 years, the Soul Crew mainstay has become a renowned face among South Wales' finest and is the subject of a new film for Weekend Offender, produced by The Rig Out. 


Shot by Will Robson Scott (known for his award winning Chi-Raq film about Chicago gang culture) 'Dressers' explores what it means to be a Casual in the face of banning orders and, most importantly, a family. 


Running alongside the film is a series of editorial photography, shot on location in Cardiff and Merthyr Tydfil by Will Robson Scott and The Rig Out.