We’re In The Army Now (Woooaaahhh) - Camo Jackets Have Taken Over East London

Venturing East this weekend? Then you'll need a camo jacket to avoid the sniping bullets and merge into the crowd...
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Well, OK, something. Camouflage. It’s good for camo. And while that whole face-painted-as-leaves look never QUITE worked for me (although I have rocked a similar look stumbling out of Faces nightclub at 3am), grunge is BACK in fashion.

*Licks purple lipstick off teeth. Squints through round mirrored sunglasses*

And with grunge comes… camo.


Prompted by style blogger Kit Lee (AKA the @StyleSlicker)’s  observation this week that camo jackets appear to be taking over the streets of East London at an alarming rate, we present to you Le Blow’s Four Best Camo Buys – ATTTTENNNNNNN-SHHHHUN! (Sorry).

ASOS Marketplace has some phenomenal customised camo overshirts – studs and fringing galore; my personal fave is this hand customised reverse studded crucifix jacket, at an extremely reasonable £38.


OK. We’re taking this back to the OLD SCHOOL with ACTUAL Army Surplus (this takes me back to my army-panted, bra-as-acceptable-outerwear ‘Tank Girl’ days. Yeah, that happened).

This eBay store sells camo overshirts (tried and tested. I have ordered five. And what?); just throw over a girly dress and layer up the necklaces for ultimate ’90s grunge or IF you’re feeling creative, Art Attack the hell out of it with studs/epaulets/patches/the lot.

At a fiver a pop, it’s not the end of the world if your glitter pen explodes all over the back before you get a chance to write ‘COURTNEY LOVES KURT 4EVA’.


Camo and spikes and denim OH MY. LOVING this Shellshock Camo Jacket by The Ragged Priest for Topshop, £70. Not for the faint-hearted, and edging more towards PUNK than GRUNGE so rip up those fishnets, dig out the DMs and STOMP.


I am also loving this Zara camo shirt – more of a button-up than an overshirt; wear with leather trousers (easy) or skinny jeans and Converse for ultimate rock chick chic.

So go forth, join the Fashion Army and run/jump/climb trees/roll about (yes yes, this is what I think soldiers do). Welcome.

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