The Great Online Shirt Hunt

With Universal Works, Dominic Stansfield and Ralph Lauren all online the serious fashion shopper need never leave the comfort of the keyboard.
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I seem to have bought a few very nice shirts recently, can't actually afford to go out and wear them now though. First up, I think I got rather lucky with this one as it was price marked considerably cheaper than it should have been, probably more than 60% off what it should have been, but those Oki-ni folks honoured it anyway (corrected now though back to over a ton) it's an Arn Mercantile gingham shirt, absolutely lovely quality shirt and i'm not just saying that, it's made from the finest Zimbabwean and Egyptian cotton, that can't be bad eh?

Next up a Universal Works patchwork check shirt, and pretty much the same shirt in a chambray indigo. I like UW as they do some great bits which will look cool regardless of fashionable seasons.

Finally a tremendous Stansfield work shirt (which is from a previous season) via Daniel Jenkins who sends things out double quick too, and sublimely packaged. Dominic Stansfield does shirts very well, I've got half a dozen of them, very sharp with ace little details hopefully there's a new collection on the horizon.

Next up, out with the old in with the (mostly) old, first up Ralph Lauren 'Philip' chambray shorts, so far we've had about one weekend of heat this summer, I might wear these when we get another, nice little pocket detail, see? That man Ralph again with a bright yellowy polo, followed by a Salmon, not pink Benettonpolo, who you calling a poof? I like these basic Benetton polos, good for knocking around in, yet they seem totally unavailable in this neck of the woods.

Now, two pinstripe shirts in the same week? I don't know what's come over me. Brooks Brothers chambray button down, and a couple of Hackett 'Thomas Mason' shirts which have some lovely little details, I've only ever owned two, maybe three Hackett bits, and no, not one of them was an Eng-er-land World Cup hooly action polo. I got these 'staple British menswear' pieces via Denmark. Denim is Everything jeans and Edwin ED-39 for the old denim fix. Next up another trusty REI Co-op cotton parka dating from 1979 so it's as good as older than I am, we'll say a summer parka for now, nice pockets and shit. An old Cecil Gee bright orange cotton smock, for those life size 'Action Man' moments. Paul Smith bucket hat aswell and another ecru zipped Super Chino shirt from about ten years ago, a range I really liked that looks great now, as always nice details.

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