Why Do All Girls Dress Like New Look Clones?

If you're a member of the leggings and crop top club, I dare you to go out and buy a outfit just on the basis that you like it instead of conforming with the magazines!
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About a month ago, I was on a night out in a local bar when I couldn't help but notice almost every other girl there was dressed the same. Not just similar, they were wearing the exact same items of clothing; a pair of leggings, platform shoes and a crop top. This got me wondering exactly why girls do this.

Personally, I like to be different. I hate going out and seeing someone wearing the same top or dress as me. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I see another girl wearing something and think “that's nice, I wonder where she got it from,” but that doesn't mean it'd work on me. And believe me, some of the ladies in the leggings and crop top combo clearly hadn't done a thorough check in the mirror before leaving the house.

Some of the clones seemed to be having a real problem with the standard issue footwear – the six inch platform shoe. I feel Lady Gaga is partly to blame here. She makes skyscraper heels look easy, but then she spends her professional life in them. These girls probably only wear them on nights out, and after throwing a couple of drinks into the mix, it was a broken ankle waiting to happen. Always remember; the higher the heel, the further the fall. I enjoy wearing heels, but I have long since given up trying to wear shoes higher than I can control.

One of the reasons why girls dress alike seems to be to fit in. Most of the leggings club seemed to be in groups of three of four, there weren't any groups with just one girl dressed like this. It appears they wear similar clothes as a social uniform, a way to show everyone else there what great friends they are. For me, this isn't a good reason to copy someone's dress sense. I'm rarely dressed like my friends. Even though I love my friends dearly, I wouldn't be happy if they decided to dictate to me what I should be wearing. Our personalities are all very different, so it doesn't seem logical for us all to be dressed identically.

Some of the clones seemed to be having a real problem with the standard issue footwear – the six inch platform shoe.

Having already touched on Lady Gaga shoes, another reason why so many women wear similar clothes on nights out could be celebrity influence. You see it all the time on X Factor, naïve hopefuls dressing like their idols in a desperate attempt to channel some of their talent. Alas, these are usually the auditions that sound like a duck in a blender. Just because you wear similar clothes to Cheryl Cole it doesn't make you as pretty as her, it won't give you a platinum selling album, and it won't bag you a hot dancer boyfriend.

The high street undoubtedly has a lot of influence over what women wear. It's all very well wanting to be different, but if the clothes aren't on sale, there's not a lot you can do about it. Unfortunately, what most of the leggings girls had done was picked a top, picked some bottoms, and picked some shoes. OK, so all the vital bits were covered, but there is so much more they could have done to show some originality, personality and creativity. Throw on a shrug, and a bright belt or some statement jewellery.

Personally, I've always thought girls will dress alike to give themselves a sense of being fashionable. They want to feel like what they're wearing is on trend, and if half the people in the room are dressed alike, you could argue that that is a trend. It's something that's drummed into us at school. You wear a uniform that has to be a certain colour, a specific style, your shirt has to be tucked in, you tie has to be straight and so on, and that's what shows outsiders that you belong to that school. If you get the uniform wrong, you get told off. You get into the habit of dressing alike, and then suddenly you get complete freedom and don't know what to do with it.

I don't doubt that most of the girls in the bar the other week thought I was odd for not being dressed like them, but I don't really care. I was dressed how I wanted to be, and if that makes me weird, then I guess I'm weird. I will always try to be original, and not blend into the crowd. Groove Armada once sang “if everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other,” and this is exactly how I felt on that night.

If you're a member of the leggings and crop top club, I dare you to go out and buy a outfit just on the basis that you like it. Don't worry about what your friends think of it, don't check to see if it's in a fashion magazine, just like it, buy it and wear it, it's so much more fun.

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