Winter Warmers: The Thorogood Oxford

If you're sick of getting wet feet and wrecking your suede trainers in the rain. Equip yourself with a pair of Thorogood Oxfords to keep your feet warm and dry throughout winter.
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Whether I like it or not, trainers are simply never going to be the most practical thing to wear on your feet in winter. Suede training shoes were never designed for cold, miserable and wet nights. A good, sturdy and durable bit of footwear therefore is a must for these occasions.

The Weinbrenner Shoe Company has been of the pioneers in shoe manufacturing over in the US of A where, to this day, all their shoes are still produced. With a history and reputation for comfort and quality which dates back all the way to 1892, it's no surprise that footwear from Weinbrenner is among the most popular with workers across America.

Weinbrenner encompasses several ranges of footwear, of which the Thorogood Work range is the most popular. These Oxfords are part of the range and live up to the Weinbrenner pedigree. Featuring Vibram soles, just like Red Wings and Danner shoes, the shoes are designed to ensure maximum traction on wet and slippery surfaces.

They're tough, hard wearing and ace on the eye. These Oxfords should see me right until I can get the suede trainers out once more.