Won Hundred's Autumn Winter 2011 Collection

Inspired by the mod movement in its most purist form, Won Hundred's latest collection for the 'Modernist' gent.
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Clean modern lines and a nostalgia for days gone by, when tailored menswear was adapted, updated and integrated into a personal sense of style and discovery. This was the overriding sentiment of the mod movement of the 1960’s, the first generation of young British people with any notable disposable income, spawning a wave of fashion conscious teenagers ready to embrace a smoother, more sophisticated aesthetic. Continental suiting worn in the stylistic language of Belmondo held a hedonistic stance, with utilitarian nuances found only in the desire to preserve ones  ‘proper clobber’ from the scourges of London’s streets, such as full length military parkas.

Won Hundred’s Autumn Winter 2011 collection is inspired by this movement in its purist form. More than just a scooter riding forerunner to Punk, Won Hundred’s ‘Modernist’ is a gentleman living clean under difficult circumstances. Striving for individuality whilst yearning for a sense of sub-cultural belonging, the sharp lines, minimalistic edges and traditional colours of black, navy and grey make up the backbone of the collection, with tonal layering combining thick jersey and heavy knitwear in cashmere and mohair meeting beautifully constructed two-button blazers and Japanese chambray shirting.

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