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Your Winter Wardrobe Sorted

Winter is here and like it or not you're going to have to inject a bit of life into your wardrobe. Invest in some wardrobe staples and avoid looking like you're in the running to play Dr. Who....
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Winter is brilliant, and nothing you can do will convince me otherwise. You can keep your summer with it's espadrilles and cuffed chinos, stick it up your arse. You all look like you're in One Direction.

Winter is the season of the man, a grown up's season, a season which is not there to be enjoyed, but endured, like climbing Everest or drinking your first pint of Guinness. Force yourself to like it, you'll be better for it in the end.

With this in mind, here's a list of what you need in your wardrobe for this Winter. It's a set of style staples which can get you through the wind, hail and snow of overexposed away ends and the all important trek to the pub, whilst of course keeping you warm, dry and not looking like a berk.


Capri Scarf by 80s Casuals

Scarf -

A scarf is just a scarf, right? WRONG.

It's a fine line between terrace dandy and Rupert The Bear. Make sure you get on the right side of it by buying the Capri Scarf from 80s Casuals. Made of fine merino wool and manufactured by the same people behind Lyle & Scott and Pringle, it's available in a variety of colours and is a perfect addition to your Winter wardrobe.

Capri Scarf By 80s Casuals


Bedale Jacket by Barbour

Jacket -

Back to basics. Gore-Tex is lovely, pea-coats make you look brilliant, but please just buy a Barbour this winter.

You won't regret it, and you'll probably never want to wear anything else. If Sabotage Times was of a more feminine persuasion, I could reel off an 'as worn by' list as long as my arm. But just know, if you haven't got one, you're in cold damp, minority. The perfect hardwearing, utilitarian jacket for a British Winter.

Barbour Bedale at Oi Polloi


APC Crew Neck Knit

Knitwear -

This Winter you can go into any reputable menswear outlet, with your eyes closed, and still manage to come away with some exemplary knitwear. It's absolutely everywhere. Spend a bit of money, make sure it fits properly and then go home and throw all of your hoodies on the fire.

APC are a decent place to start and, they've got this garment knocking around in a range of colours, in case violet just isn't your thing.

APC Crew Knit at Oi Polloi


YMC Cords

Cords -

Yes, cords. The staple of Geography teachers and terrifying, televisual representations of sex pests through the ages. Cords.
They're Winters answer to the chino, so you better get some decent ones before Primark are knocking them out for 50p a pair and you're getting laughed at on the bus.

No, seriously. Get some cords.

YMC Cord Classic at Weaver's Door


Red Wing Heritage Moc Toe

Boots -

I love my trainers more than the average person, but sulking over your soggy suede adidas is no way to spend your Winter.
If you're going to get some boots, you can't go far wrong with Red Wing. They're durable, comfortable and stylish, so you won't end up look like those lads who tuck their jeans into their All Saints abominations.

Red Wing Classic Moc Toe Work Boot at Weaver's Door

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